About the website "Ordovician Trilobites of Brittany" ...

Christophe GUILLOU (identité)
Let introduce me, Christophe GUILLOU, AGMFO member. Working in Computer Science and telecomunications, and passionated by paleontology, what could be more natural than to devote this website to one of my favorit hobbies : Trilobites hunting...
Since I'm 12 years old, I'm passionated by those strange creatures, and I'm always as much fascinated by this voyage in time, 470 million years ago...

This site focus on paleozoic faunas of the Armorican mountains, in particular the sector of the south of RENNES (France). It also has a teaching vocation, without returning too much in the details.

I want to thank persons who contribuate to the realization of this site:
    - Mr Patrick CATTO for his wortk about trilobites pictures, samples he lend me and his very good experience on the excavations sites

    - Mr Jean Louis HENRY, scientist at the University of Rennes1, for his diponibility to answer to my questions and his help to identify samples I found.

    - Mr Yves LE MOULLEC, who is the author of a publication about trilobites with AGMFO, where I found some informations.

    - Mr François PELLEGRIN who help me to photograph trilobites.

    - Mr. Bertrand LEFEBVRE, scientific researcher at "Université de Bourgogne-Dijon", for its assistance and our collaboration on Echinoderms.

And, I want to thank persons who autorize me to dig and search trilobites on their ownership, especially farmers for their comprehension and their kindness.

To contact me:

You are amateur collector, specialist or curious. Don't care to give me suggestions or if you have questions... If you are interrested in trilobite too, I would be very happy to correspond and eventually do exchanges with you.

I live in Brittany near the city of Rennes.


Ordovician Trilobites of Brittany